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Simple video I’ve made It is inspired by what seems to be a dirty trick by someone(S) at MSNBC.  Links to related video are in the description box. Current title is: Was Joe Scarborough tricked by the McGurk effect? MSNBC ran a clip … Continue reading

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‘Another Bump in the Road’ Video Humor with lyrics

Clever video effects too!

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Pat Caddell Says: Media Have Become “Enemy of the American People”

The media coverage of the Benghazi attack seems to be turning into a scandal of its own. Former Democrat pollster gets highly animated in the first four minute clip linked to in the link below. He’s especially annoyed that the … Continue reading

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Energy: EcoGrid EU – big green brother “On the Danish island of Bornholm, the preparations are almost complete. In just under two months, around 2,000 households will be equipped and ready. They are to be the vanguard of the Danish energy policy, all kitted out with … Continue reading

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Media Disorientation is Complete

The Anchoress compares coverage of Obama with that of the Pope, using the Benghazi attack as an example. She sums it nicely near the end: “Let that sink in for a moment. The Pope or the Vatican will deliver a … Continue reading

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WordPress may be vulnerable to Twitter Gulag style attacks – Nice Deb restored

As of now, there is no explanation.

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Obama Campaign Quietly Ditches Faux Flag

Previously, a photo of the Obama flag mimicking the US flag and a gruesome photo of bloodstain finger streaks from the 9/11/12 murders at the US Embassy in Libya had been next to each other on Drudge Report and people … Continue reading

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WUWT: McIntyre takes down Lewandowsky’s fabricated statistical claims   There have been a lot of posts on Lewandowsky. The tax payers of Australia paid 1.7 million to do a this study which appears to be part of an effort to make skepticism on climate issues appear to … Continue reading

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Watts describes predictable reaction to his PBS appearance as “Bizarre”

 Bizarre reactions to my PBS interview continue – PBS Ombudsman to publish criticism of my inclusion into PBS Newshour

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Skip to paragraph seven “Looking at the political situation in Australia today, I cannot help but get the feeling that very same easygoing impulse to be fair and decent to other people, has been abused and taken advantage of, … Continue reading

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