Energy: EcoGrid EU – big green brother

“On the Danish island of Bornholm, the preparations are almost complete. In just under two months, around 2,000 households will be equipped and ready. They are to be the vanguard of the Danish energy policy, all kitted out with smart meters, their washing machines, televisions and computers fully networked, ready to be controlled by the local utility company, Oestkraft.

This is your future – or it will be if the EU has its way. And to help it on its way it is pump-priming a 4-year €21 million pilot project called EcoGrid EU, of which over €10 million comes from taxpayers of the EU member states, one of 245 EU energy projects which is soaking up €2.3 billion in tax-funding. ”

story continues….

“The incentive for customers is that, having had to suffer the highest retail electricity prices in Europe, each family is now being offered “at least” €100 saving a year.

And there we have the “green paradigm” being rolled out. Shortages of essential commodities are engineered, forcing up prices artificially, which are then rationed out on price, driving down consumption to bring supply and demand back in balance. ”

story continues …

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