Simple video I’ve made

It is inspired by what seems to be a dirty trick by someone(S) at MSNBC.  Links to related video are in the description box. Current title is: Was Joe Scarborough tricked by the McGurk effect?

MSNBC ran a clip with captions of “Ryan” over hard to hear audio chants of “Romney”.  Scarborough reacts with a facepalm.  The McGurk effect could explain the behavior.

Tweets done at the time conflict with the MSNBC version of the chanting:

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1 Response to Simple video I’ve made

  1. Apparently MSNBC continued to air the clip … :

    “But Morning Joe failed today to display the screen graphic that it had originally aired that cast Romney in an unflattering light”

    Scarborough is very defensive in the video here:

    This might be almost the same video it includes Scarborough compares his critics to 911 Truthers!

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