A Tale of Two Smirks

Smirk one:
A Romney ad showing Obama’s body language in the debate. (I should have watched in full screen mode, on my C Span feed, all I saw was a little picture of both debaters on the split screen part)  This is sort of an Al Gore sigh debating Bush thing, only there’s likely a lot more of it.


Smirk two: 

At this page with a collection of links on ABC website:


Is this:
“Behind the “Smirk”- Frustration – according to a facial recognition expert, who saw passion and anger and Romney’s face and distance on Obama’s – abcn.ws/Rg28xJ”

The link at the end goes here:

The word “smirk” appears once in the story in the last paragraph:

“Republicans claim in a new ad that Obama sported a “smirk” at times during the debate, which they suggest is a sign that he was “uncomfortable” and struggling with his answers. Kowal, however, said that in that moment Obama’s face registered more frustration than uncertainty, according to his software.”

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1 Response to A Tale of Two Smirks

  1. Found this:

    ” If this debate would have been structured so that a panel of media sat in magisterial judgment (their usual pose), they would have peppered Romney with questions like, “Why is Mr Obama the best president we’ve ever had?” and then cut him off before he could finish a sentence.

    here: http://wmbriggs.com/blog/?p=6313

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