Spinning Ahmadinejad (Oct 4)


From the middle:

“Time magazine, for example, reported that Ahmadinejad “preached an airy, utopian egalitarianism,” employing “the messianic rhetoric that animates political discourse in the Islamic Republic.” Political discourse in the Islamic Republic? Does Time not know that Iran is a police state?

According to the New York Times, Ahmadinejad “stuck largely to spiritual and moral themes,” delivering a “lecture about the need for a fairer world order.” Oh yeah: Old Mahmoud is a very spiritual and moral guy with a keen sense of fairness.

Reuters said Ahmadinejad painted a “gloomy picture of a world driven by greed rather than moral values.” Does Reuters have any idea how much oil money Iran’s rulers have stuffed into their own pockets, and how much of the Iranian economy is controlled by the Gestapo-like Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps? If so, should that not have been mentioned?”

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