Updated Benghazi timeline (5 updates)


I had thought that the comments Romney was so widely attacked about came earlier than this video seemed to show as I had not thought much about this.  The Cairo statements Romney criticized came out early on Sept 11.

Because I had not thought much about this,

my favorite theory was that Obama simply needed an excuse to go to his fundraiser, so he concocted this absurd lie about the video.

But now it’s more clear that it’s related to the orchestrated attack on Romney’s statement as well.  This video suggests that it also relates to claims made at the Democrat convention which I did not watch.


( update)

On Greta, Bolton suggests that it’s not a cover up,   the president’s ideology either blinds him or prevents him from speaking the truth, so those closest to him must go along.


Rice’s twitter account is getting some interest:

This is a much better post than what Twitchy came up with as it shows her to be living in an alternate universe, the one diplomats are supposed to live in perhaps.


H/t BadBlue: http://badblue.bitnamiapp.com/trendr8.htm

Update 2:
‘Diane Sawyer Joins the Obama Campaign’

(a critique of her softball interview of Obama)


Update 3:

Lara Logan’s speech–even though this is about Afghanistan, it relates.  She says we are being told Al Queda has been nearly vanquished, so her timing of the speech fits with the deception on Libya.


Update 4:

Apparently there was a poorly written  memo based on an intercepted  phone call.


Ace of Spades reacts here on 10/12



Update 5


“Lt. General Tom McInerney told Judge Jeanine tonight that the only reason the Obama administration ordered the FBI to investigate the Benghazi attack is to stall it through the election. He says this was an act of war against the United States and if this had been assigned to the military we would have known 2 days later what happened. He adds that we know who they are and where they are and that we should have already attacked those people.

It’s also being reported that the FBI was held up by visa issues.




Briefing transcript from above article:


Says according to Clinton, ambassador’s work for White House not her:



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