BBC Climate 28 revealed with updates

This explains why the list is important:

several updates here:

media coverage links here:

Comment from Maurizio Morabito
@ WUWT on how he got the scoop:

omnologos says:

Let me repeat for the slowest journos that might be reading this.

The list has been obtained perfectly legally. It is available for all to see in the Wayback Machine. You don’t need no secret code or password and no knowledge of source code of any type.

All you need is to find a broken link on a publicly-available page on the publicly-available IBT website and the ability to do “copy link address” with any ordinary mouse, then “paste” with the same mouse in the appropriate field in the Wayback Machine.

If persistence is a crime, I am in for a life sentence.

Other comments say this is as big as Climategate.   First link mentions a false pedophile accusation scandal at BBC as well.

There appear to be two separate sex scandals.

more links:
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