How Amazingly Convenient: Lefties ‘Discover’ That Susan Rice Has ‘Conflict of Interest’ Energy Investments UPDATED

In what would appear to be a sure sign that the Obama administration’s leftist allies, perhaps with the President’s go-ahead, are preparing to throw current U.N. ambassador Susan Rice under the bus, Alex Guillen at the Politico reported at 6:14 p.m. on information that has from all appearances been public information for at least three months, but which the National Resources Defense Council’s On Earth blog noted about an hour earlier.

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Obama seemed to go to a lot of trouble setting up Susan Rice to be Secretary of State by making her tell such a ridiculous lie for him and ensuring that unlike Sec. Clinton, Rice was obviously completely loyal to him.

Unnoticed in the YouTube fiasco is that promoting the idea of a spontaneous reaction to the video, demonizes Muslims as not in control of themselves.  This idea was sold as a protest that got out of control.

Obama persisted in this outrageous lie, so he really owns this.


Ed Morrissey at Hot Air weighs in here:

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