Planned Parenthood’s Long History of Hiding Sexual Abuse

Planned Parenthood’s Long History of Hiding Sexual Abuse

The above story was prompted by yesterday’s story about a legitimate video being misused by Planned Parenthood:

Is Planned Parenthood Showing Teens How to Hide a Beating With Makeup?

I found the image by google image search of : Planned Parenthood Sting

The image links here:

Never Before Released Audiotapes Reveal Hundreds of Nationwide Planned Parenthood’s Offering to Cover up Child Rape

That sting preceded the video sting referenced in the first story above.  I don’t know much about this, but I think the obvious conclusion is that Planned Parenthood was aware of this problem before the second sting and failed to solve the problem.  Apparently they instituted a new training program after the later sting. I would not expect this to work well enough because so long as they do abortions, they will have a conflict of interest with their other activities which could be good things.  Those possibly good things cannot escape their association with assembly line brutality.  Lipstick on this pig just doesn’t work.

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