A LOL ! press release on renewable energy from wishful thinkers at the University of Delaware


Article includes charts on the disaster of the renewable energy promotion. I mainly posted this because I found a video about the U of D that does a nice job of summarizing an infamous incident.

I followed this as it happened.  It was interesting (probably shocking at the time) to observe how these university administrators did nothing until the internet persisted in making them a topic of interest.


Think What We Think…Or Else: Thought Control on the American Campus


Uploaded on Mar 31, 2009

In 2007, the University of Delaware’s Office of Residence Life used mandatory activities to coerce students to change their thoughts, values, attitudes, beliefs, and habits to conform to a highly specified social, environmental, and political agenda. Following FIRE’s campaign, which called the attention of the national media and the blogosphere to the Orwellian program, university President Patrick Harker terminated the program, effective immediately. This video explains the program’s invasive thought-reform activities, the horrified reactions of students and the press, and FIRE’s response


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