WZ: Union Goons Protesting Right-To-Work Attack Americans For Prosperity Tent In Michigan – Update: Video Of Thugs Ripping Down Tent Added…also video of Crowder attack

Note: “There will be blood” is not just a tweet from a Democrat politician, There’s audio of it! It was played on Hannity. See here

What follows is a collection of links mostly in the order they were found 12/11/12.  There is a preceding post that begins with Gretchen Whitmer suggesting Obama withhold funds from Michigan to pressure Governor Rick Snyder Here.


Description of Youtube video at Weasel Zippers above:

Published on Dec 11, 2012
A violent mob destroys the Americans For Prosperity tent on the lawn of the state capital during protest against right to work legislation. While destruction happened, there were people inside the tent and some in the crowd were armed with knives.

Steven Crowder says there were women and children inside and that he was “punched in the face four times”


Tweet at WZ by Nick Hawatmeh @NicolaHawatmeh says:

“Police called for over 2 hours as women, elderly were rushed & assaulted in @AFPMichigan tent. Thugs promise they will “destroy” supporters.”

Sean Hannity just played audio from the action on his radio show (at the top of the hour), says he’ll have Steven Crowder on next (3:23 EST, but for some reason there is a delay, he now says he’ll be on at the top of the hour 4EST).

Reporter on Hannity says he saw Crowder punched and there were several melees but Crowder got the worst of it.  He also said the mob stole the food that was provided by a caterer or something.

Crowder is on Hannity now at 4:11 EST

Video of Crowder being attacked plus photo show him being grabbed from behind:


Reward: $2,200 for information leading to Steven Crowder assaulter


Person in photo possibly identified. You can sort of read his name on his jacket!:

There may be a dispute about the last name though, this says it’s probably not Cummings:


above photo is here with more video, one is Fox News coverage, 3:47, the others may be duplicates of others in this post. The article may have additional info:

Rabid union members tear down AFP Michigan tent while women, children still inside, assault conservative activist


Two videos here, the longer one is the same as first video:


This is the fifth? Hot Air post and now has four pages of comments, it includes a bit of description of the attack on Steven Crowder:


Story is now at top of Memorandum with this post leading (No sign of Notion Tidbits. No fair, I’ve been on this for two days! LOL):


Surreal: Lansing Mayor welcomes protesters, includes video, audio is very clear but you can’t see the Mayor. Too absurd to be fiction!.


Many updates here including a video from inside the tent:


Ann Althouse asks: “Union thugs… in broad daylight, on camera. Are they stupid… or do they know something about the willingness of the authorities to enforce the law?”



 Steven Crowder, Man Punched at Union Protest, Challenges Attacker: ‘He Can Go to Jail’ or Fight Me in ‘Sanctioned Bout for Charity’


Video: After Union Goons Destroy Conservative Group’s Tent, Teamster Thug Cuts Up Tent And Hands Out Pieces As Souvenirs…


“There will be blood” Tweet deleted:




More updates here from Nice Deb with videos including interview of Steven Crowder on the Dana Show:




Lansing Michigan Was Just One More Violent Liberal Protest

(This is a neat and tidy collection of the video with video of other leftist inspired violent protests)


This confirms that an innocent food vendor’s business was attacked, they are raising money for him:


 Liberals: Political violence is okay (if it’s for a really good cause)


Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection discusses the Trutherism going on about this event.

“Yet this overwhemling evidence has not stopped the Lansing Truthers from claiming this all is a Koch conspiracy.  Here are Hamsher’s updates to her original post, noting that one of Firedoglake’s own bloggers was spreading the conspiracy theory:”


More from The Other McCain:


More new video including inside the tent:

New Unedited Videos Show AFP Tent Being Attacked by Union Thugs as Lefties Claim “False Flag” (Video)


‘Democratic Underground’ Users Claim Steven Crowder Caused Michigan Union Violence:


Video interview of Clint Tarver on 12/12



Steven Crowder’s attacker VERBALLY attacks him a hour earlier[about 3:05. He can be seen at 2:14]:



Crowder’s eye opening video on Detroit from three years ago 1.8 million views:


My previous post which starts with how this all got kicked off:

Unreal: Top Michigan Democrat Asks Obama To Withhold Federal Funding To Punish State For Passing Right-To-Work Legislation…Links added


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