Levin: They don’t want a conversation — plus CT mass shooting updates

Mark Levin at Right ScoopThe Right Scoop describes Mark Levin’s reaction on his radio show:

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The bodies of the dead are still in the school at this hour and Americans who believe in the Constitution already feel the need to defend their right to carry guns against politicians and media outlets who are trying to start a ‘national conversation’ about gun control. But Levin says they don’t really want a national conversation about it. They don’t talk [want] to talk about movies and TV or the fact that we’re not teaching our kids right from wrong in the classrooms or the politicians who always seek to divide Americans against each other. They just want to talk about taking our bill of rights away from us, he says.


Audio of 4:21 worth is at link.


Video of an angry kid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlgf1vPxfkc

AP: No rise in mass killings, but their impact is huge

h/t Legal Insurrection

Grant Duwe, a criminologist with the Minnesota Department of Corrections who has written a history of mass murders in America, said that while mass shootings rose between the 1960s and the 1990s, they actually dropped in the 2000s. And mass killings actually reached their peak in 1929, according to his data. He estimates that there were 32 in the 1980s, 42 in the 1990s and 26 in the first decade of the century.

Obama administration, Congress quietly let school security funds lapse:


Clackamas man, armed, confronts mall shooter

“I’m not beating myself up cause I didn’t shoot him,” said Meli.  “I know after he saw me, I think the last shot he fired was the one he used on himself.”


h/t: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/12/daniel-zimmerman/clackamas-shooter-confronted-by-ccw-holder/

 ‘Thinking’ man David Frum doubles down on the douchebaggery over Newtown tragedy


NYT Opinion Editor Andrew Rosenthal Contradicts Self Within Hours on Politicizing Gun Deaths

Andrew Rosenthal, the driving force behind the perpetually hyperventilating and self-contradicting editorials that fill up space in the New York Times’s opinion pages has now proven that he can hyperventilate and contradict himself in real-time.

Gross: Media vultures now interrupting grieving Newtown residents at church

Daily Mail straight news article on the shooting, includes diagrams. Parents divorced- Father was rich GE executive- mother was survivalist:

High school ‘tech club’ student turned cold-blooded executioner: How classmates remember ‘genius’ Adam Lanza

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2248782/High-school-tech-club-student-turned-cold-blooded-executioner-How-classmates-remember-genius-Adam-Lanza.html#ixzz2FBBkxNai


above WaPo link contains misleading info on Australian gun ban, see next link for a bigger picture:

Liberals Call For Murder Of NRA President, Members & Repeal Of Second Amendment

h/t Gateway Pundit


They note that a gun ban in UK made things worse, see also above link on Australia.

ACLU Killed Connecticut Forcible Institutionalization Law That Might Have Prevented Killings

… the ACLU won and over two dozen children were murdered. And there will be of course no cries that the ACLU, rather than the NRA, should be held accountable for a dangerous lunatic being on the loose.



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