OMG NYT lies to gun hating faithful

The Times Embarrasses Itself on Guns–Again!

I like to put a visual with each post and at this time an in your face gun seems all wrong.

The above face should be familiar if you are old enough. He is the infamous Nazi propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels.  If you are familiar enough with his work, you know that it can be stomach turning, so it might be a surprise to learn how reasonable and inspiring he can sound, at least in 1934 just after the Nazi’s assumed power.

The New Year 1934

by Joseph Goebbels

My fellow German citizens!

My goal is not to add a bitter taste to the holiday’s festive glass of cheer. I believe that every level and class of the German people has reason to celebrate today with confidence. And there is no reason to be moderate. We Germans over the last 20 years have had too much pain, sorrow, and disappointment to run the risk of overdoing our celebration. A bit of pain is behind all our joy, and the cheer with which we look back on the past year and forward to the coming one is filled with earnestness and proud manliness.

But now we raise our hearts and see with satisfaction that a year of success is behind us, and that the blessing of heaven has fallen on the German people. Our whole hearts rejoice. It is a kind of joy that looks back with pride on what has been accomplished, and that gives strength for new plans and decisions. The powerful movement that has seized the entire German people in the past year is a movement of life that is filled with a firm and faithful optimism that gives endurance and strength. We Germans have once more learned to love life in all its splendor. We affirm it and accept all its demands, even if they be hard and pitiless. National Socialism affirms life, it does not deny it. We draw from it the joyful strength that so wonderfully fills us in the last hours of the passing year.

No one is left out. It fills the festive streets of the great cities and the lonely alleys and paths of our German villages. It fills huts and palaces, the rich and the poor. It fills the heart of the lonely wanderer who greets the new year in the snow-capped and towering mountains, or those who….

A response to a typical stupid attack on Rush Limbaugh:

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