OMG NYT lies to gun hating faithful

The Times Embarrasses Itself on Guns–Again!

I like to put a visual with each post and at this time an in your face gun seems all wrong.

The above face should be familiar if you are old enough. He is the infamous Nazi propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels.  If you are familiar enough with his work, you know that it can be stomach turning, so it might be a surprise to learn how reasonable and inspiring he can sound, at least in 1934 just after the Nazi’s assumed power.

The New Year 1934

by Joseph Goebbels

My fellow German citizens!

My goal is not to add a bitter taste to the holiday’s festive glass of cheer. I believe that every level and class of the German people has reason to celebrate today with confidence. And there is no reason to be moderate. We Germans over the last 20 years have had too much pain, sorrow, and disappointment to run the risk of overdoing our celebration. A bit of pain is behind all our joy, and the cheer with which we look back on the past year and forward to the coming one is filled with earnestness and proud manliness.

But now we raise our hearts and see with satisfaction that a year of success is behind us, and that the blessing of heaven has fallen on the German people. Our whole hearts rejoice. It is a kind of joy that looks back with pride on what has been accomplished, and that gives strength for new plans and decisions. The powerful movement that has seized the entire German people in the past year is a movement of life that is filled with a firm and faithful optimism that gives endurance and strength. We Germans have once more learned to love life in all its splendor. We affirm it and accept all its demands, even if they be hard and pitiless. National Socialism affirms life, it does not deny it. We draw from it the joyful strength that so wonderfully fills us in the last hours of the passing year.

No one is left out. It fills the festive streets of the great cities and the lonely alleys and paths of our German villages. It fills huts and palaces, the rich and the poor. It fills the heart of the lonely wanderer who greets the new year in the snow-capped and towering mountains, or those who….

A response to a typical stupid attack on Rush Limbaugh:

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Abortion Activists Attack Dry-Cleaner’s Pro-Life Message

I had the opportunity to speak with one of the owners, Diane Dehler, who’s astonished by the attention the hanger has received. She said, “This was something we started doing more than six years ago.” When asked, she told us that most of the feedback they have received has been positive. The decision wasn’t a marketing scheme, as the pro-abortion side claims. “We believe whole heartedly in sharing the pro-life message any way we can and we will continue to do so with our hangers.”

I know you’ll want to show Springdale Cleaners your support. Click here to send Paul and Diane a personal email letting them know that you’ll stand with them for LIFE. You can visit them online at If you live in the metro Cincinnati area, please give them your dry cleaning business.

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Althouse: Why are people having so much trouble understanding rhetorical devices?

An unusually long post from Ann Althouse which covers both the Scalia bestiality thing and the Matt Lewis piece that seemed to be about media control.

Since I haven’t read much of Matt Lewis,  I   didn’t notice what he was really up to until I was far into the piece. I didn’t go back into it to see if I should have caught on sooner.

I can see how this issue can certainly be a real problem for the uninitiated to read conservative material.

 Also at Althouse

“What is the gun community going to do about this tragedy?”

“I dunno. What is the gay community going to do about Penn State?”
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Sweetness and Light: Flashback: John Kerry Wanted To Invade Haiti

Image from


Do we really want a ‘hawk’ as Secretary Of State? As we have noted in the past, John Kerry back in 1994 used NYT’s editorial page to call for the US to invade Haiti and reinstall its America-hating communist dictator, Jean-Bertrande Aristide. And Kerry says we have to do it to preserve “our credibility as a world leader.”

Story continues with fisking of old NYT article

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Climate Activists Want To Keep Remote Indian Villiages In The Dark

The left are forever apologising for the British Empire and colonialism, yet at the very first chance to start imposing Green neo-liberal Colonial policies on the developing world. the environmental movement never hesitate to become Green colonial masters.

article continues

quotes in article come from here:

‘Electric grid will accelerate climate change in Sundarbans’

collection of similar stories:

not in collection:

In Scramble for Land, Group Says, Company Pushed Ugandans Out

…“I heard people being beaten, so I ran outside,” said Emmanuel Cyicyima, 33. “The houses were being burnt down.”

Other villagers described gun-toting soldiers and an 8-year-old child burning to death when his home was set ablaze by security officers. …

…The company involved, New Forests Company, grows forests in African countries with the purpose of selling credits from the carbon-dioxide its trees soak up to polluters abroad. Its investors include the World Bank, through its private investment arm, and the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, HSBC….

The Guardian ran a story on this but camouflaged the violence.


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Freedom Outpost: Liberals Call For Murder Of NRA President, Members & Repeal Of Second Amendment Plus updates

Image links to Daily Caller article below

Freedom Outpost:

When I wrote yesterday about the liberals coming out against guns, I had no idea just how some people would react. What once would have been unthinkable to blast out into public seems to be becoming more normal via things like Twitter and Facebook. Below are a selection of Tweets that are clearly anti-Second Amendment and even calls for the murder of the National Rifle Association President David Keene, along with NRA members

Read more:

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Council of Europe Is Imposing Abortion on Ireland, Poland

In Europe, Ireland is a symbol of resistance against abortion. Nevertheless, Ireland is on the point of giving in to the concerted pressure of the Council of Europe and the pro-abortion lobbies.

Irish people have always been firmly opposed to abortion. Since the 1980s, they have rejected the legalization of abortion three times, while affording equal constitutional protection to the life of the unborn child and that of the mother. Abortion is therefore always prohibited, except when doctors consider it necessary to save the life of the mother.

However, the Council of Europe is at the heart of a campaign aiming to impose abortion ‘from the top’ onto people who refused it ‘from the bottom’ three times, by referendums in 1983, 1992 and 2002.

It is to be noted that the Council of Europe was created to defend democracy and human rights. The European Court of Human Rights is part of the Council of Europe. Its role is to ensure the observance, by member States, of human rights and fundamental freedoms enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights. States should abide by the judgments decided against them by the Court.

Article continues at link

Interesting excerpt:

Thus, abortion is not imposed directly on Ireland and Poland, but by the peripheral way of the procedural obligations which guarantee not a substantial right to abortion, but a procedural right of knowing whether one fulfils the right to access to an abortion. This procedural approach obliges Ireland only to ‘clarify’ the concrete conditions of access to abortion; in actual practice, however, it goes far beyond that obligation. This result is achieved while recognizing the absence of a right to abortion under the European Convention on Human Rights, and without its being necessary for the Court to comment on the prohibition in principle of abortion in Irish law. In order to impose this procedural obligation, it suffices to affirm, starting from an exception from the prohibition on the ground of danger to the life of the mother, that there is a ‘right’ to abortion and that this ‘right’ falls within the scope of the Convention.


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Levin: They don’t want a conversation — plus CT mass shooting updates

Mark Levin at Right ScoopThe Right Scoop describes Mark Levin’s reaction on his radio show:

my bold

The bodies of the dead are still in the school at this hour and Americans who believe in the Constitution already feel the need to defend their right to carry guns against politicians and media outlets who are trying to start a ‘national conversation’ about gun control. But Levin says they don’t really want a national conversation about it. They don’t talk [want] to talk about movies and TV or the fact that we’re not teaching our kids right from wrong in the classrooms or the politicians who always seek to divide Americans against each other. They just want to talk about taking our bill of rights away from us, he says.

Audio of 4:21 worth is at link.


Video of an angry kid:

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How top climate alarmists use secrecy to stay on top(AR5 leak)

Draft IPCC report leaked (the evidence is so overwhelming it has to be kept secret!) 

Joanne Nova reminds us of how the powers that be use secrecy to control the climate message through the media:

“What was the point of keeping the IPCC draft secret? The point is so the IPCC can control both the content and the PR. The IPCC wants a free kick, and they get one if the world doesn’t see how they arrive at the conclusion, and if critics can’t specifically point to errors or flaws until weeks after the giant press circus has done its megaphone production.

It’s how the media game works. First they release the “up and coming” scary headline. (Already done for AR5.) Critics can’t criticize what they can’t see….

story continues at link above.

The image links to a pdf file produced by Joanne Nova that explains where many tens of billions of tax dollars have gone.  The scale of climate science enterprise is a surprise to a lot of people.

The leak story at WUWT focuses on a scientific aspect of the next report.

IPCC AR5 draft leaked, contains game-changing admission of enhanced solar forcing

The powers that be will of course continue to carry on with their deceptions.


Other climate news today:

Deutsche Bank execs investigated in carbon fraud crackdown

Last I heard, Deutsche bank has a massive green portfolio and uses an advisor from one of the boards of one of those scientific organizations that all produce those suspicious statements on climate science.

From Tom Nelson:

Former IPCC lead author Ken Caldeira: “There’s kind of a pretense with these IPCC reports that it’s this latest science that’s happened in the last two or three years that’s really going to make the difference, that’s going to tip the balance in favor of action…”

Tom Nelson notes that Ken Caldeira resigned over dissatisfaction with the IPCC. Caldeira’s name appears on a lot of ocean acidification research. Sounds like a democrat being allowed to vote pro-life for strategic reasons?

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Misguided PBS Spreads Acid Ocean Alarm

This article is about a PBS TV report which tries to wrap the issue up into a nice neat package as all TV reports must.  One important thing to know is that natural changes in PH easily swamp the changes caused by CO2 produced by man.  Any report promoting concern about this, that does not make very clear the huge difference between the two is going to be deceptive.

some links in the comments:

How Corals Can Overcome Ocean Acidification & Global Warming 
Volume 15, Number 50: 12 December 2012


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