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BAUER: Obama the intimidator- President remains a Chicago-style politician

Photo from Telegraph A nice summary of our most political president ever. “Mr. Obama has aimed much of his invective at Republicans. Even worse, he constantly mischaracterizes his opponents, their values and motives. He has called congressional Republicans … Continue reading

Posted in debates | 1 Comment -(Updated with debate video exchange and much more) AWFUL. CNN Moderator Jumps In to Defend Obama at Presidential Debate Elaborate conspiracy evidence: The clap: American Crossroads ad Taranto argues against conspiracy theory: Cashill: NeoNeoCon: NiceDeb: This one is … Continue reading

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Debate number two- Obama tips hand over Benghazi (many updates-Jim Geraghty Nails Obama! )

People are focusing on the fact that Crowley backed up Obama’s claim that he called the incident a terror attack on 9/12. The real point is the absurdity of the president making the claim at all, or even wanting to … Continue reading

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“A Free People’s Suicide”

Video: Debate Prep: 40 Minutes with Dr. Os Guinness An interesting lecture on what it takes for freedom as we know it to endure, posted by the Anchoress. “If a generation arises that doesn’t understand liberty as. . .’the habit … Continue reading

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Oct 15 Hillary Makes The Smartest Political Move of this Cycle note this next link is from before Hillary’s move: for earlier updated Libya post with timeline and links go here:

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Ryan’s Debate Strategy

Detailed account “Did Paul Ryan prepare for Biden’s bluster? You bet, his aides say, and they credit Ted Olson, a former United States solicitor general, for coaching the Republican veep candidate. For weeks, the 72-year-old Olson played Biden during mock … Continue reading

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Fun riddle from:Report: Biden Lied Repeatedly During Debate

What high level Democrat  does this look like? (guess before you click) It’s not Joe Biden, think! “In case you didn’t recognize these gentlemen, the first is Mr. XYZ. The second, his grandfather,…” h/t @chris_1791

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The most devastating VP debate videos yet

“Comedian” one minute This is the most devastating one yet. In the next two videos,

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Martha Raddatz-no caption required

H/T kcom Image from NPR Two more images here:

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Funny VP debate images at this site

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