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Christmas at sea

It a surprisingly easy to read poem from the 19th century. It’s by Robert Louis Stevenson:   Advertisements

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ABC documentary producers caught in sting!

ABC here is the Australian Broadcast Network When the Smith and Nasht came to our house (on behalf of the ABC) to take footage for the “I can change your mind” documentary, David and I asked fellow skeptic and camera-man … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition

  The Spanish Inquisition was the target of a propaganda campaign fueled by the novelty of the newly invented printing press.  As a result, its place as the top symbol of all that was wrong with (fill in the blank … Continue reading

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Study Says Community Reinvestment Act Induced Banks To Take Bad Risks Note that the authors of the study caution that their work here may actually understate the impact of the CRA. How? Because the study assumes that the major impact of CRA took place when banks were undergoing examination regarding … Continue reading

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Gun controversy yields exciting talking heads! (really)

I was about to post a video of an intense discussion(links at bottom) between Piers Morgan and  Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, when over the radio, I heard the much heralded press event from the NRA by Wayne … Continue reading

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Top climate bureaucrats at the IPCC continue theater of the absurd

IPCC Declares Its Intent to Circumvent Expert Reviewers It doesn’t matter how carefully those 800 people examined the IPCC’s text. It doesn’t matter how long they laboured over their comments. The IPCC reserves the right to keep changing the substance … Continue reading

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JournoLister @ National Journal: Where’s Obama in the Benghazi Report?

In a replay of Abu Ghraib, the government excuses itself at the highest levels. This article actually tries to draw a parallel with Abu Ghraib. This appears to be a rather devious way of absolving Obama while seeming to … Continue reading

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FIRE: New Report: Three-Fifths of Colleges Seriously Restrict Free Speech on Campus Note: A lot of the links in the article do not work for me. The article notes a 13% improvement over five years ago, I guess so much damage has been done they can relax their grip now.

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OMG NYT lies to gun hating faithful

The Times Embarrasses Itself on Guns–Again! I like to put a visual with each post and at this time an in your face gun seems all wrong. The above face should be familiar if you are old enough. He … Continue reading

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Abortion Activists Attack Dry-Cleaner’s Pro-Life Message I had the opportunity to speak with one of the owners, Diane Dehler, who’s astonished by the attention the hanger has received. She said, “This was something we started doing more than six years ago.” When asked, she told … Continue reading

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